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Case Study
We have been fortunate to develop and evaluate our programme with input and feedback from the St Francis de Sales Primary School community who are committed to their values of teamwork, engagement, aspiration, respect and resilience.
“It benefitted the whole cohort, we really noticed an improvement in their behaviour.”
(Dr. James Lane, Headteacher, St Francis de Sales Primary School after our 8 week programme)

Why do we exist?

Children with low self-control struggle to focus on their learning, are easily distracted, have difficulty following instructions and their emotional impulsivity leads to conflicts with school and society behaviour systems. Learning time is lost not just for these learners, but for the whole class. And the negative effects on their wellbeing are both immediate and long lasting. Self-control is a stronger predictor of wellbeing than IQ or economic background. But the good news is, self-control can be taught.

What we do

Mindful Music solves this problem through partnering with schools to deliver an evidence based music and reflection programme underpinned by the mindful values of curiosity and awareness. Through training, team teaching and the provision of resources for support, the programme enables school staff to deliver responsive emotional lessons throughout the school day, during and beyond the activities.

- Developed by teachers for teachers

- Dedicated to learner focused research and evaluation

For pupils

- Improved attention, awareness and teamwork skills for behaviour, academic success and wellbeing.

'Unprecedented focus' - Miss Jones, Year Four Class Teacher

You can book a taster or arrange for a visit to discuss our full programmes here. Or for more information please contact

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