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Amy Scott - Delivery Lead and Arts Therapist in residence 

Music has always been a huge part of Amy's life - she remembers singing from as soon as she could talk! She passionately believes that the arts are an amazing and valuable tool for personal development and discovery, and explored this further through an undergraduate degree in Creative and Expressive Therapies at Derby University. She has a background in youth work and education and now splits her time between: musical projects, teaching across all age groups in a primary school, mentoring vulnerable children and training to be an integrative counsellor. She is really interested in the links between mindfulness, emotional literacy, self-compassion, polyvagal theory and wellbeing. 


Photography: Jyoti Mishra


You can enjoy Amy's beautiful singing on Raph's track 'Listen Closely' in our latest singalong pack:

Colorful Fingerprints Indigenous Peoples
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