Mindful Music was established in 2015 by teacher, musician and mindfulness practitioner  Martha Wright. We grew from an after school school drumming club to a charity working across multiple schools, with thanks to numerous sources of inspiration and support....

Our Founding Supporters and Contributors



Nick Wright



Simon Roth

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Frank Clarke

A London based graphic designer, musician and music producer.

Marianna Hay
Orchestras For All Founder and Director
Ollie Tunmer
Musician and the Beat Goes On Director
Jessica Davies
Speech and Language Therapist
Yael Claire Shahmoon
Lucy Tyler
Teach First Ambassador, Teacher
Luke Hier
Teach First Ambassador, Third Space Learning
Harry Falconer
Programme Designer
Sam Alexander
Natalie Bandoo
Community Engagement​
Helen Taylor
Primary Education Tutor from Canterbury Christ Church University
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Maria Watling
Hilary Meyer
Head of Music, Coloma Girls' School
Gina Wright
Special educational needs coordinator
Daisy Watkins
James Rhodes
Musician www.jamesrhodes.tv
Adrian Court
Mentor, PA Consulting Group
Dr Lucy Arnsby-Wilson
Special Yoga Works Director
Greg Harris
Project Manager
Izzy Coleman-Wood
Communications and Community Engagement
Kirsty Mann
Events Organiser