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Fred Beer
fred beer mindful music.jpeg

We commissioned Fred to write a song for our schools to inspire songwriting and a the mindful practice of observing our emotions using the weather as an analogy. And so we have 'Breathe With Me'... enjoy.  

Fred is a primary school teacher and composer from Lewes, East Sussex. Currently, he lives in Taiwan.

After attending music college and a long spell of playing drums in London, he focused his efforts on a PGCE and teaching music. Now with his own kindergarten class in Taipei, he can tailor music to the interests of the children, and gain a batter understanding of how children develop music skill and language. Fred enjoys writing songs for book characters, specific themes/topics, and seasons. He does his best to upload his content to YouTube, where the children are able to sing their favourite songs at home. His Youtube channel (Mr Freddy B) has been an amazing tool for keeping connected to the children he used to teach in Tower Hamlets, as well as reaching new children around the world. Don't forget to subscribe and hit the like!

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