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Hà Dương

Mindfulness Practitioner

Hà is inspired by the Plum Village tradition, founded by the Zen Master and Peace Activist Thích Nhất Hạnh.

Hà had never really thought music was an important part of her life until her late teens and early 20s when she’s started to grab and learn the ukulele as a means to make peace with her sufferings, loneliness, and depression. To Hà, jotting down feelings and thoughts and putting some rhythm into them is like a way of capturing the moment and embracing it. 

Born and raised in Vietnam, the idea of Deep Relaxation resonates with the napping culture of her home country. The practice reminds Hà of her carefree childhood on hot summer days when power outage was a common thing in Hanoi. Lying on the hammock, enjoying the gentle breeze from the bamboo hand fan, listening to Mum's lullabies and falling slowly into sleep was a blessing back then that she so misses. Though Hà is only at the beginning to explore her potential with music, she loves to experiment and share her practice with the world.

ha mindful music.png

You can enjoy Hà's deep rest with ukulele and lullaby singing on our latest singalong pack:

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