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We need you...

We need a mindfulness practitioner with early stage charity experience to attend six two hour meetings a year.

Please send an aspiration letter to apply.


We need admin support for our founder for the next two months.

Please send an aspiration letter to apply.


Application Process


Stage 1: Send an aspiration letter to



- Why you feel moved to volunteer for Mindful Music

- What skills/experience you can offer

- What your personal growth aspirations are

- How the role can support you in your journey

Stage 2: Meeting


We will be in touch to arrange a meeting to further discuss the role, your needs and the charity's needs.

Stage 3: Role Offer


The Trustees will meet to prepare a role offer for you to accept or decline.

Timeline: We place priority on meeting needs, finding the right fits for roles and working as a collective. So we do not have a deadline for filling roles, they will remain open until filled. We aim to respond to applications within two weeks at all stages.  

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