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Raph Clarkson
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Photo: Jake Walker 

Mindful Music Musician in Residence - Raph is composing music for, and with, our schools in response to mindfulness practices for communal wellbeing. 


"I'm a musician, workshop leader, composer - I've worked with a lot of different organisations leading, supporting, planning delivering workshops with school and community groups of all ages and needs, from working with vulnerable parents and babies, to music projects for those living with a dementia. Most relevant to mindful music is probably my work with children who have challenging circumstances, usually presenting confidence and wellbeing issues (that schools often interpret as behavioural problems). I'm more and more interested in synching up the music that I write and perform professionally with this sort of community work, and with some of the ensembles I run (The Dissolute Society), have run workshops in hospitals and with children with communication needs to create music together. More here:"

“a focused and serious creative artist with a compulsion to tread his own path” – John Fordham, London Jazz News [feature article]


“Clarkson (has an) ability to create challenging yet engaging music from his innermost feelings” Adrian Pallant, London Jazz News

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