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What Sets Mindful Music Apart?

Mindful Music offers schools a fresh lens to explore the development of self-control and the behaviour required for learning and communal wellbeing.

Our solution-focused approach offers classes memorable experiences while building positive relationships. The programme draws on expert insight, theory and proven methods for community wellbeing.

We use traditional music practices such as call and response drumming to provide an accessible way for all staff to create a safe space for pupils to explore positive solutions to common behaviour issues. We have seen children initially too shy to sing in a group ending our sessions with a solo into our roving microphone recorder. This sort of change offers immediately measurable insights into what our children are capable of and this forms the basis for our reflections sessions.

Through music experiences and our reflection tools, we are able to measure the impact on the children's self-awareness and behaviour, as well as peer and staff perceptions.

What’s more, performance opportunities provide learners with a purpose for developing their ability to execute positive behaviour traits while sharing their achievements with their local communities.

So our programme has the potential to inspire and engage not just the children, but the school staff and the wider community too. Music speaks to people in ways words cannot. Throughout our sessions and over time, children experience the musical benefits of their effort to focus, as well as the positive feeling of connection from singing and drumming in a group.

If you have any thoughts, questions or comments please get in touch:

twitter: @marthaswright

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