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Introducing our musicians and partners!

Introducing our musicians and partners for

'An Evening with Mindful Music'...


Nyima is an acoustic singer-songwriter, whose music varies from contemporary to traditional folk. Nyima is also a resident artist at the world-famous Roundhouse venue.

Jay Johnson

Jay Johnson is a singer-songwriter. He moved to London before his teenage years and began making music from a young age. Jay’s naturally curious mind led him to start learning the cello. He then taught himself how to play the guitar a few years after.

A few months after Jay started playing to live crowds in various venues, he decided to leave his previous career plans of becoming a doctor behind, and decided to become a full-time musician.​Jay is a resident artist at the world-famous Roundhouse venue in London, and is currently working on an EP at Abbey Road Studios.

Painter’s Radio

Made up of Ben Godwin, Mark Potter, Piers Clough, Tom Godwin, Painter's Radio are five musicians with other jobs who deconstruct classic pop/rock/soul and put it back together with big harmonies and the contents of a folk music shop. We call it rhythm and cheese. You will sing along, you will dance and you may get asked to be the horn section. Welcome to the fondue.

The Grub Club

The Grub Club runs free after-school cooking courses for both parents and children who wish to improve their cooking skills, confidence and knowledge. When we eat well our brains can function fully and so we can reach our full potential.

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